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  • Who runs SwahiliKIDS?
    We are Ottawa (Canada)- based Swahili native speakers with a strong passion for promoting our language, sharing our culture and preserving our heritage. Our vision is to raise a generation of global citizens who are book lovers, interculturally competent and long life learners.
  • Why SwahiliKIDS?
    SwahiliKIDS was ignited to respond to the lack of child- friendly and culturally relevant swahili learning resources, particularly for children in the diaspora.
  • What's does SwahiliKIDS offer?
    We provide you with Swahili learning resources inclusive of practical day-to-day topics, grammar and a wide range of educational subjects. Content includes books, fun worksheets, audio-books and more. We equip parents, educators and children with fun and culturally relevant Swahili learning resources to support learners from beginner to fluency levels.
  • Do I have to pay for SwahiliKIDS resources?
    No cost at all! We offer easy and fun- to- use resources, FREE of charge. All it takes is your willingness to invest as little as 15 minutes a day to your little one's bright future.
  • How can I access the SwahiliKIDS materials?
    You can use your phone, computer or tablet. You can also print and have your little ones work on the materials independently. If you are using your mobile phone, we recommend having a pdf viewer to easily see the materials.
  • What is the target audience?
    The main target is children from 1-12. Older kids and adults can also benefit from the resources if they are beginners or need a refresher to maintain their swahili competency levels.
  • What topics are on the Swahili Learning  Programs?
    This category offers self-paced Swahili learning lessons from beginner to advanced levels. For Beginner level, Swahili Strong Foundation helps learners understand the fundamentals. The topics include vowels, alphabets, numbers, days of the week, greetings, introductions, shapes, colours, giving direction, family relations and simple sentence construction. The goal is to lay a very strong foundation in the language following a mix of grammatical and practical elements to allow learners navigate their surrounding environment. Swahili Strong Core ( Intermediary Level) Program is coming soon.
  • Should my child be of  school age  to join SwahiliKIDS?
    No. The resources are designed for children of any age. The colourful designs are purposefully in place to attract young minds. We encourage parents to read for and with their children. It is never too early to start. You could start reading to your little ones as soon as they are born.
  • Do learners need to be supervised all the time?
    No, our resources are suitable for self-directed learning. Minimal supervision is a nice to have option, particularly for younger learners. Engaging with SwahiliKIDs resources could be a fun activity for families to enjoy together. It's a great way to motivate children to learn.
  • I am an adult. Can I sign up?
    Yes. Our resources can help beginner-level adults learn Swahili in a fun and simplified manner.
  • My child is a Native Swahili Speaker and  knows Swahili already. Is SwahiliKIDS still relevant?
    Good question! The resources are useful for Swahili native kids because they give them an opportunity to build literacy skills such as reading and writing in their own mother tongue. Engaging with our resources count as an educational activity that could undoubtedly boost their literacy levels and inspire them to become life-long learners. In addition, the Swahili to English translation helps them improve their English competency.
  • What's the motivation behind SwahiliKIDS?
    We believe childhood literacy is critically important. Introducing a learning and reading culture at home is a great way to prepare children for a successful future. Learning should be part of family fun activities. That is why we made our resources easy for at home learning. For Swahili native parents, we would like to equip you with child-friendly learning resources in your own mother tongue. For non-swahili natives, we would like to offer you the benefits of giving your children an opportunity to learn a new language and culture, at a click of a button.
  • Must I be located in Canada to sign up?
    No. You can be located anywhere in the world. All you need is internet connection. You can also download the materials and access them offline.
  • What happens after I subscribe?
    Your email address gets added on our mailing list and is used strictly for sharing Swahili learning resources and SwahiliKIDS updates that are relevant for learning purposes.
  • How can I sign up?
    Subscribe to the link below to receive more Swahili learning resources from SwahiliKIDS
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